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SLOAN STREET ADVISORS / ITRA Global is a certified woman-owned corporate real estate services firm that provides tenant representation and site selection expertise exclusively for tenants and buyers of office, industrial and retail space. As the Washington, D.C. affiliate for ITRA Global (the International Tenant Representative Alliance), we offer corporate clients principal level expertise in the District of Columbia and worldwide.

Real estate costs are typically the second largest line item expense and normally equate to 25% to 40% of a corporation's overall budget. Aligning yourself with an experienced tenant representative can help turn your space into a strategic asset. While most commercial real estate firms represent both landlords and tenants, we represent only the users of space, thereby eliminating any potential conflict of interest while creating powerful negotiating leverage to help reduce our clients’ real estate costs and increase their profitability.

With more than 25 years of experience, we provide intelligent strategies and solutions for companies, whether large or small,  in their real estate matters. This commitment to achieving the goals of our clients, together with a principal's view to creating value, has resulted in long term relationships reaching far beyond the initial transactional stage.

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Debra Stracke Anderson CCIM, SIOR
President and CEO

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Did you miss our powerful 2012 Corporate Real Estate Symposium "Doing Business in the Americas"? View a sampling of the important advice and case studies shared by our corporate executive guest panel regarding successful business expansion and site selection to and within North America and Latin America, moderated by Debra Stracke Anderson, President and CEO of SLOAN STREET ADVISORS / ITRA Global and Chairman Emeritus for ITRA Global.

View a sampling of the crucial information shared by our Economic Development guest panel for companies considering expansion to North America and Latin America, moderated by Dr. Ronald Pollina, head of ITRA Global/Chicago and author of the annual report "Top Ten Pro-Business States".

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 "Your average landlord enters into dozens, if not hundreds, of leases each year. They have lawyers, accountants and brokers that guide them on the latest tactics and trends. You need to match that firepower, or you will be outgunned in the lease negotiation. Arm yourself with brokers, accountants and lawyers who are experienced with commercial leasing.  A capable broker - especially one that exclusively represents tenants and does not have any conflicting loyalties - can provide critical guidance....from the availability of premises in your desired locations, to prevailing rent and concessions that landlords are offering, to a strategy for negotiating your new lease or even renotiating an existing lease."
Jack A. Garson, Esq.
Founder, Garson Claxton LLC
Author, "How to Build a Business and Sell It for Millions"



"Workplace of the Future - What is it?"