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Commercial real estate is an ever-changing industry. We make it our mission to stay on top of our local markets and global trends. If you're interested in learning more about commercial real estate, the resources here are a great place to start.

Articles & Tips

Why Use A Tenant Representative?

Avoid pitfalls, uncover economic opportunities, save company time and money, and turn your space into a stragetic asset. 

New Accounting Rules From a Corporate Real Estate Perspective: What You Need To Know Now!

Square Footage Worksheet

This office space worksheet will help us accurately calculate your square footage. 

Lease Negotiation Tips

46 ways to reduce occupancy costs and minimize risk. 

ITRA Global Select Case Studies

Learn more about ITRA Global clients. 

Tenant's Guide for a Successful Lease Renewal

The expiration of an existing lease may present both challenges and opportunities for many tenants. Insure that you take full advantage of the opportunities, while minimizing the risks. 

Video Library


Did you miss our powerful Corporate Real Estate Symposium "Doing Business in the Americas" hosted in London? View a sampling of the important advice shared by our corporate executive panel moderated by Debra Stracke Anderson.


Architectural firm SMITHGROUP JJR shares "Workplace of the Future"


"Workplace of the Future" - increased collaboration and smart conferencing capabilities


Office design process with 3D Visualization


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