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Read the latest ifrom our ITRA Global offices around the world.

ITRA Global will hold its first conference in 2020 in Houston, Texas on April 24th through April 25th.  ITRA hosts two private conferences per year.  Conference attendees are the principals from all the ITRA Global offices worldwide along with featured speakers and guests.

For tenants with net leases, the annual expense reconciliation bill from your landlord will arrive soon.  While sometimes tenants receive a credit, often they receive an invoice to pay.  In either case, your company should carefully review the expenses passed on to you by your landlord for the prior year. 

Across most U. S. markets, the amount of available industrial space is at extremely low levels.  The rise of e-commerce businesses along with a robust U.S. economy have resulted in historically low levels of vacant space.  While there is new construction of industrial space in most cities, rental rates are generally expected to increase in the coming years for new and existing industrial buildings.

For both office and industrial tenants, the cost of tenant improvements has never been higher.  Twenty years ago, tenants were often able to relocate and have the landlord cover most of their costs with a 5-year lease term.  With today’s higher costs, that has changed.

ITRA Global, an organization dedicated to representing corporate tenants and occupiers in their real estate initiatives, is pleased to announce four established corporate real estate firms have recently joined the organization.

ATLANTA, GA. —  ITRA Global, an organization dedicated to representing corporate tenants and occupiers in their real estate matters, is pleased to announce new member firm, Springboard Corporate Real Estate Solutions, representing ITRA Global l Austin-Portfolio Solutions.  The company is headed by Bill Aldridge, Founder and CEO.

ITRA Global to hold conference in beautiful Toronto, Canada, October 23 – 24, 2020. October is an ideal time to travel to Toronto with Autumn being truly one of Canada’s most beautiful natural attractions.   

During October 18 – 19, 2019, corporate real estate advisors from around the world gathered in Washington, D.C. for their semi-annual ITRA Global corporate real estate conference.  The conference focused on best practices in corporate real estate, the changing needs of corporate real estate executives and corporate clients, and collaboration opportunities. 

ITRA Global recently announced their new 2020 Board of Directors.  In gratitude for their willingness to serve, the organization is proud to provide an overview of the 2020 Board of Directors and their dedication and commitment to ITRA Global.    

In an awards ceremony at the ITRA Global conference in Washington D.C., Mark Twentyman of ITRA Global l New Jersey was presented with the ITRA Global Exemplary Service Award for his enduring commitment to the organization’s Board of Directors and Global Locations committee.