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Read the latest ifrom our ITRA Global offices around the world.

ITRA Global is pleased to announce that Capital Realty, Inc. has been selected to be the exclusive member firm representing Los Angeles, California. Capital Realty, Inc. is led by Garry E. Adams and Deborah Morrow Adams.

Wayne Teig, Principal of ITRA GLOBAL I MINNEAPOLIS - ST, PAUL has received the prestigious Ronald R. Pollins PhD Leadership Award at the ITRA Global conference in Houston, Texas. 

ITRA Global is pleased to announce that York Property Company has been selected to be the exclusive member firm repsenting Dalls, Texas. 

If your company has a lease in an office building that expires this year or in 2023, here are a five insider tips you need to consider for your new lease or lease renewal:

For tenants with net leases, the annual expense reconciliation bill from your landlord will arrive soon.  While sometimes tenants receive a credit, often they receive an invoice to pay. In either case, you should carefully review the expenses passed through to your company by your landlord for the prior year. This is especially important given the impacts of Covid-19, which caused much lower actual occupancy for office buildings.    

For many companies with leases expiring in 2022 and beyond, purchasing real estate is certainly worth considering instead of continuing to lease space. There are risks and rewards to consider before making the purchase plunge.

We hear about it on the news and see it at the stores – empty shelves.  Why?  Supply chain issues.  So most consumers simply buy something else instead that is on the shelves and look forward to better days ahead.  Most consumers simply buy something else and look forward to better days ahead. Unfortunately, suppy chain issues are not nearly as simple when you are relocating or renovating your office or industrial space in 2022. 

ITRA Global is pleased to announce that International Tenant Representation Polska Sp. z.o.o. has been selected to be the exclusive member firm representing Poland.

We are pleased to announce our 2022 ITRA Global Board of Directors. A warm welcome to Nestor Eliadis, who is new to the Board this year. Some familiar faces have changed titles: Mark Twentyman is the new Chairman of the Board, Marat Safir continues on as Vice Chairman, Wayne Teig is the new Treasurer, Peter Webster is the new Secretary, Charles Tatham is Director at Large, Carrie Holstead continues as Chairman Emeritus and Debra Stracke Anderson, CCIM, SIOR also continues as Chairman Emeritus. 

The ITRA Global Board is a group of passionate and dedicated professionals who are the core of our organization and we thank them for their time and commitment to ITRA Global. 

The concept of having employees share space within an office has been around for decades. In many circles, it was referred to as “hoteling” and it has been popular with consulting firms that often had employees traveling offsite for their work several days each week.