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Read the latest ifrom our ITRA Global offices around the world.

ITRA Global recently announced the 2019 Board of Directors.  In gratitude for their willingness to serve, the organization is proud to provide an overview of their dedication and commitment to ITRA Global.

A recent, very humorous CBS Sunday Morning segment began: “Here’s an open secret: open office plans are the worst!”  As commercial real estate brokers in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have seen the open office plan morph and mature.

ITRA Global has experience in 300+ markets around the world!  Here are some of the recent transactions completed by our members.

The Girl Scouts of America had a long-term lease in the Fischer building in Detroit, Michigan, with significantly over-market rent and more square footage than needed. Other challenges in this building were landlord’s bankruptcy. 

Whenever an ITRA Global firm represents a company on a lease renewal, a thorough examination is conducted of the landlord’s position with respect to the building in question and to the landlord’s portfolio of buildings in the market.  

For tenants with net leases, the annual expense reconciliation bill from your landlord will arrive soon.  The landlord’s accompanying letter goes something like this: "Building expenses in 2018 were higher than budgeted. Please pay the attached invoice within 30 days and have a nice day."  

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are experiencing an apartment construction boom, and are adding an additional light rail line. The unemployment rate is at a nationwide low of 2.7%.  Overall, business is good and companies are hiring.  

Along with the presentation of awards, the conference sessions focused on best practices, the new sophisticated lead generation platform, and discussion and presentation of collaboration among the ITRA Global offices.   

It seems everyone has a vision of Paris (usually romantic) - and an opinion about Parisians (often less so).  After 30 years living here I’m beginning to get the hang of the city and life in France, and to highlight some of the changes I’ve noticed.

Interest rates have been historically low dating back to 2009.  However, the Federal Reserve has increased the borrowing rate three times in 2018 and additional increases are likely to continue in 2019.