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Read the latest ifrom our ITRA Global offices around the world.

ITRA Global was pleased to present two compelling keynote speakers during the recent ITRA Global conference held in St. Louis, Missouri.

The third most common mistake in the ITRA Global survey of "Facility Acquisition Mistakes" is Inadequate Representation. This list of common mistakes resulted from a survey taken among the members of ITRA Global.

The landlord sent notice that they would not renew the lease because the adjacent tenant needed the space.  Only five months remained before the lease expired, and the tenant needed new space in a very tight industrial market!

Commercial leases are typically drafted by the landlord's attorney to favor the landlord.  These ten tips, when negotiated and incorporated into a lease, will provide terms and conditions that are more equitably balanced toward commercial tenants. 

Singapore's economy grew by 3.6% in 2017, accelerating from the 2.4% recorded in 2016.  Apart from the construction sector, all sectors grew in 2017, with manufacturing, finance, and insurance sectors the key contributors to GDP growth.

Our organization is often asked about 1031 exchanges because we represent business owners and companies that want to sell their buildings, but don't necessarily want to pay the capital gains tax on those property dispositions. We know - huge shock!

ITRA Global has experience in 300+ markets around the world! Here are some of the recent transactions completed by our members.

Atlanta, Georgia USA (January 29, 2018) ITRA Global proudly announces the continued growth of the organization!  The newest member of ITRA Global is Tenant CS, an exclusive tenant rep firm with offices in Sydney, Australia and Singapore.  

In the ITRA Global Facility Acquisition Mistakes Survey, taken among its members, NEGLECTING LONG-TERM PRIORITIES ranked second, after Not Allowing Enough Time.

Ms. Holstead was presented with the Exemplary Service Award by ITRA Global at its Fall 2017 Conference and 25th anniversary celebration in Paris, France. A few short weeks later she was awarded the 2017 Smart Business Award by Smart Business Magazine.